Does your story have an extraordinary factor?

I took a long pause and said, “…but it looks really privileged, media won’t bite into this. This seems to be a little less inspiring.” Exasperated and perplexed, my client quickly reacted, “Why would you say that?” I replied, “Because the classic narration of setting up the trigger, showing the hardship, struggle, failure, and the rise of a phoenix-like emotion is somewhere missing.”

My client was not convinced here, “But Bhaskar, this is really not a rags to riches story after all.”

“What’s more important, being authentic or being inspiring?”

This time, I was dumbfounded. The conversation went for over five hours, and we debated various possible iterations to the version. I didn’t change my opinion in its entirety. I suggested the version to be more emotional, thought-provoking and prescribed more rigour to the plot development.

I couldn’t discount my learnings on how media would view and review this piece that is not secured with either an emotive or a provocative appeal.

Have you started on your journey to an extraordinary story?

These stories of transformation and triumph are hardwired in such a manner that an ordinary backdrop setting appears plain boring and in fact, at times insignificant.

Superhero plot — Check I Superhero character — Check I Superhero trigger — Check

With this. we’re running a risk of losing a sense of our objective reality. Our threshold to establishing an emotional connection has shot up at an all-time high, and we’re finding it hard than ever to find those stories that actually move us.

Stories aplenty! Stories everywhere! Heroes everywhere!

Our minds are under siege with stories all around.


Therefore, we need a shift — from epic storytelling to storytelling that problem-solves.

We need stories that make sense in our lives, create structure in our chaotic world, become a part of our plan, do the work of building a sound supposition for an argument for us, and propel our quest. Do more for us than just tell stories that undermine regular hard work.

True Stories > Emotional, Positive, Inspiring Stories

Is it authentic? To yourself

Is it authentic? To your audience

Is it authentic? To your higher self

Our stories can be greater than anyone else even if it doesn’t fetch enough value from institutions or individuals alike, but we need to put enough time and effort to discuss, debate, and open our minds. All this is really quite simple.

We just have to be careful that we don’t pin down stories as being more than what they are. After all, a good story is what people believe in because of its authenticity, not because it is just an emotional and fantastical read.



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