Does your story have an extraordinary factor?

I took a long pause and said, “…but it looks really privileged, media won’t bite into this. This seems to be a little less inspiring.” Exasperated and perplexed, my client quickly reacted, “Why would you say that?” I replied, “Because the classic narration of setting up the trigger, showing the hardship, struggle, failure, and the rise of a phoenix-like emotion is somewhere missing.”

“What’s more important, being authentic or being inspiring?”

Have you started on your journey to an extraordinary story?
Superhero plot — Check I Superhero character — Check I Superhero trigger — Check
Stories aplenty! Stories everywhere! Heroes everywhere!

Our minds are under siege with stories all around.

Therefore, we need a shift — from epic storytelling to storytelling that problem-solves.

True Stories > Emotional, Positive, Inspiring Stories

Is it authentic? To yourself

Is it authentic? To your audience

Is it authentic? To your higher self



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Bhaskar Ravi

Bhaskar Ravi

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